Et Dukkehjem. 2008
       An experimental approach to a classic drama shows Ibsens real intentions.

       The Desert Castle. Ørkenslottet. 2007
       Norwegian Architecture firm Snøhetta and their race to build a brand new city
       in the middle of the desert in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

       Green Fairytales. 2005
       What is urban, what is nature?
       The British Council do an urban experiment in the name of environmentalism and art!

       Trois Gymnopedie. 2005
       Documentation, performance. Mikkel McAlinden

       Stillhetens Hav. Sea of Silence. 2005
       Documentation, process. Unn Sønju

       Tilfeldig Hushai. 2004

       Broken Column. 2004
       Produced under Lighthouse.
       Where does art belong? What does it represent, what is the beholders share, who can be involved in art?

       Kulturstudier Nicaragua. 2004
       No place better to study Spanish and Anthropology.

       End Game. 2002
       Documentation, process, exhibition. Mikkel McAlinden

       Music Promoes:
       Gi meg litt Tid. Give me some time - Non Stops. 2006
       Dance band music from Norway freshest Dance Band!

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