Lightsource Film Productions was founded by Arne Dahr and Finn McAlinden.

       The company was founded with the intent to develop our own film projects and to this end gain hands on        experience with every aspect of film making from conception of idea to distribution of finished product.

       We believe that talent is worthless unless you know how to manage it!

       In our work we have mainly worked on large documentaries but have also become equally interested in        commercial work as we see that our experience comes well to use. Have also worked on several minor films        both commercial and otherwise. In our work with financing our own film projects we have also gained a wide        contact base in Europe, Canada and the US.

       In our total approach to film making we work through each stage:
       Conception of idea
       Project description
       Scrip development
       Project development
       Financing. In Norway and Internationally
       Post Production
       Sales and distribution

       We also work as teachers in Film at NKF. The Norwegian School for Creative Studies.

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